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What you need to know

Full Name: Axel Cyril Crowley.

Nickname(S):Kitten, Ace, AC.

D.O.B.|Current Age: May 23rd.|19..ish.

Zodiac Sign:Gemini.

Species:Newborn Vampire.

Blood: 0 Negative.

Eyes|Hair: Dark Blue│Sometimes dark brown,sometimes very blonde.Kept a bit long, with a side-cut on the left side.

Figure:Lithely Athletic.

Orientation: Disclosed.

Scars: Several.

Birthplace: Denmark.

Current Residency:London.

Ethnicity |Nationality: Danish│English.

Parents: ---, --- ---

Siblings: ---

Pets: ---


Smoke|Drink|Drugs:Like a bloody chimney|Yes|Maybe.

Height: 177cm/5 ft 9.6 inches.


Which are:> Septum, smiley, lobes,horizontal nipples,and hips│spider and the words "Rebel without a cause." on his side, on his ribs.




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Requited Love

Romantic Information
WITH:No one.
SONG DEDICATION: Bloodstream by Stateless.


“For though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal,” .“And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have faith, so that I could move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”
"OM" is the reflection of the absolute reality, it is said to be "Adi Anadi", without beginning or the end and embracing all that exists.[3] The mantra "OM" is the name of God, the vibration of the Supreme. When taken letter by letter, A-U-M represents the divine energy (Shakti) united in its three elementary aspects: Bhrahma Shakti (creation), Vishnu Shakti (preservation) and Shiva Shakti (liberation, and/or destruction).[3]

I don't know why it seems like I can never just have a pleasant conversation with my Nana. Texts me tonight with how she wishes I was there, and how she misses me. Which you know, is just fine. But then she has to act like I've abandoned her by moving to WA-- And says that we should have never left Wisconsin. Gee, thanks. That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Talk about unnecessary. It's fine to miss me, I miss you guys too. But Come on now. That's some bullshit. So basically, if you had it your way.. We would have stayed in Wisconsin, I would have never gotten to see my mother and I'd probably not have any modifications and I'd probably be doing the other numerous things you would have rather I had done. Still lived with you, no pets, no anything really. I mean, god forbid I do anything I want to do. It's always a good idea to make me feel guilty for something I shouldn't feel guilty for. That's so sweet.

Abruptly stopped the conversation, thank you very much. I mean, just really-- How does that sound okay? Tell me your happy I like it down here, then whip around and say something like that. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks *so* much.

I mean yes, It is getting a little too cold for my liking.. but it's winter.
And I have been feeling a little-- antsy. Something doesn't quite feel right,and I don't know what it is. But I like Washington. And I'm here with my Boyfriend/Fiance.

But bottom line is, don't try and make me feel guilty for being you know-- an adult and doing something I wanted to do, that didn't really harm anyone.

I'm 22. If I want to move to Washington with my boyfriend, gonna do it.
I am anxious, I don't know if I want to be getting married. But. whatever.

Another odd one.

So this time around--
Eric Northman dream? Oddness.

At first myself and this other girl was in this dressing room switching out of these rather lush dresses. But then as it turned out-- I guess maybe this girl wanted to be 'turned' by Eric, but instead I was so she was more than a little pissed off at me. Like it was some contest. And I saw the initial biting of myself and it like.. looked like something was moving round under the skin on my face.. Which is odd. But anyway, she decides to initiate a fight. Manages to claw me across the face, and of course it starts to heal right off and by the time I turn around it's a simple soft pink. Haha, I hiss at her and manage to slice into her before grabbing her shoulder and speaking to her. Somehow manage to get her to calm down and get over whatever it is she's mad at me about.

Next thing I know, I'm following Eric through a door into Fangtasia I guess? We sit down on this little dark red lounge seat and for whatever random reason.. Lmao, he's sorting through candy. And I suppose he'd decided he liked these little off-yellow/white suckers. And I decided it was a good idea to just casually lay the upper half of my body across his lap to sort it out. And we said something, but I can't recall...I guess it was pleasant because there were smiles? I don't even know.

Well then.

I don't enjoy waking up with tears in my eyes, I don't. Nope.

I love it when my Papa makes a main appearance in my dreams, don't get me wrong. It's been years and years, and I still miss the shit out of him. Even more so when they are rather lucid. But I don't enjoy waking up sad.

This time, at first we were all in this 'country', little convenience store. My grandmother, my mum, He may have been there too. I don't know what we were doing there.
Next thing I know, I think AC & I were at this lodge or something. I'm wearing this super long sleeved sweater, ahaha-- I jack'em off. And the next thing I know, everyone is outside. It may be at Nana's house but it seemed bigger then that. Still kind of seemed 'village-esque'. The pool was huge; AC & The Kids were in the pool. Nana, My mom, a few other people and Papa was sitting closer to the house, under the shade. Papa was sitting by a large floor fan. And when I approached him he'd brighten up and extend his arms and I hugged him tight; shoved my face into the side of his neck. And we exchanged words, I can't remember what-- Next thing I know, I'm breaking down in sobs and I wake up with tears clouding my vision. Just awesome.



I had quite the odd dream last night.

We were in this big two-story house and there had to be like.. hundreds of these-- possessed or demonic folks trying to shove their way through the doors.. We had to keep ourselves pressed against this one door because they were busting through.. And their was collin farrel in a police officer uniform trying to get through too I guess.... And I turned around and Eric Northman is sitting on the floor kind of just staring off in to nothing..
And I run up to him and put my hands on each side of his face to try and get his attention and I was yelling something like "You need to help us! Ya gotta get this to stop!" -- I just don't know. Really weird.

Toon Descriptions.

[walk-up's are welcome.Sai is pronounced like the action/sound sigh.]]

The young Sin'dorei stands at 5'4" [perhaps slightly shorter] and like most of her sort, appears rather delicate apart from the lithe muscle that come with her class and that of which, comes with playing the part of "tom-boy" as a child in Goldenmist. She has what can be best described as an "hour-glass" figure, correctly proportional; a medium bust and lightly 'lush' backside. She has a heart-shaped face with large expressive eyes; long-lashed and almond shaped. A pert button nose and generous lips fall above an equally delicate chin. her complexion is that of a healthy sanguine [ruddy/deep] tan of which only accentuates the bright nature of her gaze. As no big astonishment, they are the color of fel green. However, her right eye appears far more blue beyond flecks of leaf/forest green. Although given her races' recent history, she may not have far to much to be cheerful about-- she can almost always be found flashing a bright smile. That of which, appears perhaps lightly crooked and dimpled. her complexion is flawless, apart from a rather large scar running horizontal along her lower left side, falling jagged closer to her back. Accompanies, a smaller scar falling closer to her hip.

As of currently, her pet is almost always at her side. A spirit base by the name of Shirin'Anniu or simply Anu. To whom stands well beyond her hips. Her eyes are constantly a-glow with the same chilled presence that surrounds the beast and passed it's prominent fangs falls a cool mist of the same.

Demetria stands at a petite 5'4" and weighs accordingly. She embodies the average Sin'dorei body type; delicate, agile and extremely lithe. Her hips are set a little wide and her figure resembles that of an hour-glass to some extent. Her ears are long and elegantly pointed, golden rings settle closer to the tips. Demi's gaze is both almond-shaped and lush-lashed, emitting  a natural glow the darker her environment grows; in an almost pavanoted shade of blue [peacock blue].

The young elves' nose is small and lightly up-turned; and her pert, generous ebon lips follow and end with a delicate chin.She has a thick head of hair, of which she generally keeps parted to the right and up high in a messy bun. A contrasting; shimmering argent-eburnean white, a few bits falling here and there in seeming carelessness however each piece seems to have it's place.  She generally keeps to dark clothing and tries not to bare too much. Though whatever she happens to be wearing tends to hug snugly to lightly-muscled curves.

 Various small knives are bound to be hidden on person, as she desires to be ready for anything at any time. Passed her plush dark mouth, follows pearly whites and her canines seem to be slightly elongated and sharper then the rest. And in most cases her flawless face holds little to any emotion. To the most, a light quirky smirk can be found.

At times, her armor holds a fine sheen of frost, following the light chill that seems to surround her. Her voice comes in a lilting purr, two-toned.

A new contstant to her wardrobe is of a necklace;thin along the sides but thick where it would hang over the breasts with three orbs that 'looked' like rubies set equally apart along the length. though it was imbued in some curious fashion. The metal itself was not truegold... only the five interlocking loops that held the chain together. The rest of the metal was a mixture of pyrite and elementium, a bluish-silver in color with the faintest hint of gold at the edges. One each of the blood orbs is stamped a letter... N.Y.X. respectively.Not that anyone should get close enough to her being to notice such detail.

Extra defining features- Deep, defined vertical scarring along the inside of both wrists.Perhaps hinting to the state of her death. Not suicide, however. Most cases she keeps clothing over these markings to keep attention from them.

And for the record, Does *not* smell. So any remarks stating or insinuating as such-- are invalid. She is a Death Knight with a talent towards *Frost* which would indeed.. cancel out any decay from her being. Unless you see a ghoul following this elf about-- refrain.

Standing at 160-163cm; Lamiae has a slim athletic body, elongated ears, acute senses and keen sight. She's a young woman with a fiery intelligence, good humor and quick wit. The very model of cool and even-temperdness, but those who tangle with the ill-tempered kitten are lucky if they live to regret it.

 Silken cinnabar locks commonly fall in precise curls just passed delicate shoulders, and frame a heart-shaped face. Her viridian gaze is accented with long, feathery lashes and perfectly sculped cinnabar brows.

 The elves nose is small and lightly upturned; it's septum pierced and stretched just so but hidden as she habitually wears a short silver bar within it. Her pouty-plush mouth seems to hold a natural smirk, as if she is very aware of something others are not. And said lips, are almost always painted crimson.

However delicately built, her form holds pleasant curves; an ample bust and fleshy bottom help make up and hour-glass figure.
Though Silvermoon City is the birthplace of the vast majority of Sin'dorei, when Lamiae was still rather young-- she was transferred to Dalaran as her family thought it more safe for the young elf. She comes from a long line of magi, and was very well nearly shunned for choosing the path of a warlock. Though perhaps the correct term, is Witch.

When she had originally started her training/studying she too, was prepared to become a true Mage like the rest of her family. However, she found out rather soon that she had a certain affinity for the dark arts. And despite those to whom objected readily, that is what she decided would be her lifes' work. As with most Sin'dorei, she considers knowledge to be power.And has devoted her time to further her understanding and prowess of shadow and fire magics, along with demonology. She constantly has a book on hand, along with a rather thick notebook in which she records her studies. She has a habit of dissection to sate certain curiosities, to see how exactly things work.

Personality: Curious, flirtatious, mischievous, wicked, Book-worm, lush, wary of strangers, adventurous.

[A Constant work in progress.]
Nickname: Mia, Mimi, Esme, Lami.
Eyes: Green.
Height: 160cm.
Weight: 125lbs
age: 94.5

Well, there's that.

I have a few little things to rant about this god-awful early morning.
So, I may not like my step brother all that much in all honesty-- he frustrates me constantly to no end, and I wasn't completely stretching the truth when I said he was one of the reasons I was glad I'm moving. *However*.. He has this friend whom apparently goes to his school, who he was talking today through messages on Xbox LIVE all night.. And this kid who is apparently 11-12 years old was sitting there all night throwing nasty names at Brandon. Kept throwing out 'u gay', called him a manslut, a hoe, and a bitch. For no particular reason then to be a jackass. That was one thing, stupidity at best. But then he decided to try and persuade Brandon about certain things. I mean yes, Brandon is 14.. He probably can't be completely certain of his sexual orientation so very young. But-- I respect the fact that he feels that way, I fully support his right to be who he is, to like whomever he likes.. And this kid was telling him "I'm your friend, your my best friend. And it's okay that your gay, just don't kiss a guy because that's just gross. It's crazy scary, etc,etc." And told him that he can't say Brandon kissing another guy, he can see him kissing a girl. Basically, making no sense whatsoever. Which isn't to crazy, because he's fucking 11 but nonetheless. How does it make sense that it's okay for Brandon to be gay, but it's disgusting if he kisses another boy.. Kissing kind of comes with the territory as it is. This kid is not thinking before he's typing, and it's really unfortunate. I mean, it's really sad that kids are being taught to think this way. More then likely by their family members. Kids should be taught to be accepting and respectful of how people choose to live their lives.. They shouldn't be taught that it's cool to gay bash and constantly judge. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It's just that simple. In this day and age, we should be a whole hell of a lot more open-minded. I mean this kid, continuously said hateful things.. And then he'd apologize, but he refused to move on and get over it. I'm sorry, if he's so comfortable and so sure that he's straight.. Then the fact that Brandon is gay shouldn't mean jack shit to him. It should be a simple, "Oh your gay? Good for you! Anyway today..blah blah." Clearly the kid is struggling with his own sexuality. It sounds kind of mean, but it was so ridiculous.

He was seriously obsessing over my stepbrothers sexuality, as if it were his own. As if the fact that Brandon likes dudes really has a huge impact on him, when it shouldn't. He's not making you be a homosexual, he isn't trying to force it down your throat [metaphorically speaking].. He's not coming on to you and invading your personal mental and physical space.. I'm sure he doesn't generally bring it up to you much at all. You don't live with him and your not gay yourself, in fact you have a girlfriend so.. Hot damn, shut the fuck up man. Your straight, He's gay.. Your best buds. Accept,Move on and be done with it. There is no reason you should care so much. It would be a different story if he was getting himself into a shit load of trouble and what not. But whatever. Silly people are silly and really need to learn how to mind their own. Mkay? Thanks.

Speaking of minding your own and My stepbrother.
His mother decided to have the gull to say that I'm a failure, I'm always on the computer and I've done nothing with my life. And when I move down to Washington, I'm going to do absolutely nothing down there as well. Fact of the matter, that isn't what bothers me. In the same honesty, her opinion means nothing to me. It's a waste of my time and her breathe. I never speak to this woman, nonetheless see her face-to-face. She doesn't know a single thing about me. I don't remember speaking to her even once in the years my mother has been married to my step brother. It's been small glimpses as Brandon was dropped off at our house, and that's it. In that, she's a perfect stranger.. So it makes no sense whatsoever that she feels she has the right to pass judgment on me. I'm not going to talk about someone negatively if I don't know them in any way, if I haven't spoken to them myself , etc. Because it's none of my business. I don't know what's going on behind closed doors, and I'm not going to claim to. It's like pointing at a random stranger walking down the road and talking shit. It's pointless and childish. It really shows a poor character, honestly. You must really be insecure if you feel the need to talk shit about a twenty-two year old girl you don't know. And honestly, maybe you should stop a moment to look at yourself. Your son lives with you all week, we only have him during the week. And if your such a fantastic mother, you'd think he'd shape up far more. Or that he wouldn't be the way he is. Clearly you aren't that much of a success either, sugar. You don't know what I want to do with myself, you don't know anything. I'm sorry your mad because I was honest and told Brandon during an argument, that I was glad I was moving and one of the main reasons was because of him. He may not have needed to hear that, I'll admit. It wasn't nice, he's just a kid. Oh, but apparently it's fine that he constantly threatens suicide if he doesn't get to take over the telly and play his games all damn day. That's just fine. Clearly sweetheart, you need to get your priorities in order, mkay? Watch your tongue, and mind your own. Don't pretend to know me, you just look like a foolish child. It really shows you in an immature light, and makes me seem far more wise.

I really just find it amusing. And I know she told Brandon that bullshit because she knows for a fact that he would go to me and spill the beans. It's equally funny because he doesn't really like her all that much. He's said so numerous times. I really don't have much more to say about any of it. It's just utter idiocy. And I suppose I will leave it at that. Like I said, a waste of My time and a waste of Her breath.



Now, First and foremost.. Allow me to state that I'm sure not every religious folk is this way. . . But it's grown increasingly ridiculous. I manage to stumble upon videos and tumblr feeds of these people... To whom decide that it's a good idea to shove idiocy down our throats. Recently, I've watched a video by this young girl-- Who believes, much like most Christian's evidently; that Lady Gaga worships Satan and anyone to whom listens to her music is going to hell right along with her. Not only is Lady Gaga a satanist, but she is also a homosexual and therefore is going to Hell. Do these people not listen to the words that are spewing from their mouths? They really must be missing *all* of their marbles. I mean, excuse me.. But this young lady, was sitting there laying claims that in Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video.. Gaga was having sex with a woman, and through out she wore an upside-down cross. That in itself, was invalid. There was only one five-second glimpse of a glass cross in the video. And if you pause the said video, you will clearly see the damn thing is *not* upside down. And the only scene that insinuated any sexual relations was between Gaga and a male character. So, what ya smokin'? Gaga is not a homosexual, and even if she was.. what is it to you? No one is forcing you to listen to her music and watch her videos so you can get all upset and show us your crocodile tears, sugar. I didn't see anyone holding a gun at your head, or threatening you. You chose to search for her videos, you chose to press play. If "Judas" is played upon the radio, you will choose to listen to it. Or you could do the intelligent thing-- ya know, since it "sickens you" so damn much.. And you can *choose* to turn the damn channel. You do realize, you are a human being..and you are fully capable of making choices of your own-- correct? Apparently not, silly question. On top of that, Judas is not the same person as Jesus or God... I'm not a damn Christian and I know he was the person who betrayed Jesus or God..or whatever.

I fully respect your right to believe whatever you wish, however-- I do not condone spreading such hatred for people to whom are only looking to make a positive change towards our generation. Lady Gaga seems like a genuinely good-natured person. She may be a bit of an odd-ball but that is a part of her appeal. She supports Gay Rights. She supports human rights. Love is love. I don't give a damn your sex, or creed. You can't help to whom you love. These people would rather homosexuals lived a life of misery and deceit,evidently. They would rather homosexuals pretended to be straight, so everyone can go to heaven. That's clearly bullshit. I just can't wrap my head around it.

Oh, and then those lovely folks of That one Boston Baptist Church deciding to make a Tumblr Page.... A site of which, is primarily made of homosexuals, lesbians, transgendered-- Oh, and folks to whom fully support people of that stature. So that they can spread "The Truth". Which evidently is that we are all going to hell for supporting gay people. Anyone who is supportive of homosexuals is Satan's whore.. Gaga is Satan's whore. And you know, they aren't spreading hatred by calling this person and that person a "Faggot/Fag" or a "Whore"...Or telling them they are going to hell. Because those aren't hateful words or anything. nah, I couldn't see how that could be misconstrued as spreading hatred. And it's funny, because all they receive is hate mail from the folks of tumblr. Thank god no one is praising them for their bullshit. And many a folk have confronted them on the same fact, and the have proceeded to say that they know and that's why they've chosen to set up on the site. Because of course, they need to spread "the truth"..

*That* is the kind of bullshit that fucking sickens me. Who are these people to say what is and what is not "The Truth"? Who are they to tell homosexuals that their lifestyle is wrong and because they are being themselves.. they deserve to go to hell, and that's just where they are heading...? They really must have like, gigantic-as-fuck balls to think they have the right to be so damn blind. I mean, hell, go ahead and follow a work of *fiction* to the fucking T if it makes ya feel better. Just come to the realization that God himself, if he indeed exists... Did *not* write the book himself and the said book...is fucking ancient. Live in the now. If everyone to whom has sex outside of marriage, modifies their bodies in anyway, or is gay/lesbian-- is indeed going to hell. Then everyone is going to hell, and it's going to be one *fabulous* place to be. And if that is where I'm heading, then I'm glad to. Because I support homosexuals to the fullest, Because I have piercings, and I have tattoos and I dye and cut my hair..and I shave my legs and my armpits. Because I've had sex outside of marriage. So fuckin' be it, man.

Just ridiculous, it really leaves me dumbfounded. I mean, hot damn..